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A 53-year-old engineer from San Antonio, Texas, Wilton White is a graduate of Madison High School, and was a basketball letterman at Texas A&I University in Kingsville, Texas. After struggling to both live out his hoop dream and obtain his business degree simultaneously, he made plans to hang up his sneakers, transfer to another university, and focus all his energies on completing his education. However, it was his failed attempt at executing his master plan that ironically put Wilton on his path to becoming a technology expert.


Unable to transfer schools, Wilton joined the United States Army as a Communication Specialist. It was during this period that he was surprised to find that he was technically inclined and gifted at finding the root causes of difficult technical problems. Understanding complex systems and troubleshooting performance issues came naturally to him. After completing his military service, he began working in the commercial wireless industry.


He credits his biggest career break to Kim Hartzell with Lucent Technologies, who hired him as a Radio Frequency (RF) engineer on her team, even though he did not possess an engineering degree. After being given this unique opportunity, Wilton rewarded her gamble in him by becoming one of the company’s most sought-after engineers. Wilton developed a strong reputation as a master problem solver and creative solutions provider.


Wilton would go on to work multiple international projects in Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Great Britain, Italy, and Switzerland. He finished his 23-year wireless engineering career working for AT&T as a Technology Design Engineer. It was during his AT&T tenure that he was trained in a wide range of technologies, such as Cloud Computing, Software Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It was RPA technology that became his new passion, and he quickly became a subject matter expert in the field.


This led to his current and most fulfilling challenge, the launch of Diversified Robotic. He started this company to disrupt the technology imbalance that exists between large corporations and small businesses. His desire was to build an organization that would allow smaller companies to have access to engineers and technologies that would traditionally be out of reach.


The result of Wilton’s desire is a team of technology experts focused on, and driven by, one simple goal: to serve as the Technology Equalizers for small and medium-sized businesses. This single-minded passion has given Wilton and his team the opportunity to help businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industries, to grow and compete on a level playing field in today’s competitive business environment.

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